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Katies Cottage was the perfect place to stay when our little girl was undergoing surgery. Everything was very clean and comfortable and exactly what we needed during a very stressful week.

Katie’s story and cottage are proof that there is good left in this world. Thank you to Katie, her family and all who carry on her dream.

Katie Cares, We received a Katie Cares package when our 2 year old was admitted into Carman hospital.  He still cuddles the teddy bear at bedtime and the blanket is one of his favourites. May you continue to bring a little sunshine to brighten what can be an overwhelming experience.

Hi, our 4 year little guy had his tonsils out today and was provided with a Katie Cares bag at the Boundary Trails Hospital. What a wonderful gift and thought for all the little ones.  Many thanks, to you and your family.  I googled Katie Cares my heart goes out to you! Thank you.

My 8 year old daughter had to go to hospital last night because she hasn’t been feeling well. After she was admitted at Boundary Trails Hospital, she was scared and tired and the nurse on duty brought in this wonderful bag full of items labeled Katie Cares. It sure helped the process!! Thank you so much for providing something so small to help make kids feel a little bit better about being in such a scary place.

I do not know Travis’ family nor anyone affiliated with Katie Cares, but I was following Travis’ story in the news and it led me to your organization. Katie seemed like such a generous, wonderful girl. I just lost a friend to cancer, and also have young children so your charity is the perfect place to donate. I am so happy to help out!!

Thank you. The stay was excellent and we are very thankful! This Cottage was a huge support while at Boundary Trails Hospital.

The staff are excellent. I have stayed here numerous times – and I always feel like I am at home.

Had a very pleasant stay for my second time, it was a God-send!

Thank you so much for giving us such a good home away from home!! Highly appreciated

My stay was very peaceful and comfortable. We enjoyed delicious chicken noodle soup and fresh bread. BLESSINGS

I found myself thinking ‘AMAZING’ all the time i was here! This is a sweet sweet place! Thank you!

The community should be very proud of this facility!

So many thanks! After 12 hours at the hospital it felt like coming home.

I had a wonderful stay… you’ve thought of everything!

Our stay was Lovely… keep up the good work and God Bless you all!

Thank you for this beautiful place of refuge! The peace of God is so very present – the feeling of a beautiful child looking down and smiling. She is looking down from heaven and reminding us that one day she would like us all to join her in her beautiful home in heaven. The staff were so welcoming, loving, and accommodating . Thank you and God bless you Katie and family for your love.

Katie’s Cottage is beautiful and Katie would be very happy her dream came true. All the staff are GREAT here, they make you feel very welcome and at HOME. Thank you very much!

Everything perfect!! Can’t think of one thing we needed! Location, comfort, friendly, economical. All 5 star! Thanks ♥

This place is wonderful and very comfortable. I really liked it here! I also loved the walkway to the hospital. It was awesome!

It was comfortable to be here. My husband enjoyed the supper being away from hospital smells. I was at peace knowing all was being considered. Thank you and God’s richest blessings be on each one!

Thank you very much for all your consideration and support during the storm!  My calm in the storm!

Excellent care and top notch accommodations!! Love coming here before and after the hospital!!

All contact with the staff from Katie’s Cottage has been wonderful from the 1st call to make my reservation, to the personal good-bye at the door. Everything you could want for your stay is here.  Thank you.

Kindness, generosity and a safe comfortable haven at a very difficult time.  My gratitude knows no bounds.

Katie’s Cottage was a blessing at the end of a long day.  Thank you so much!

God definitely shone through Katie. It must be incredibly empty for her family, but God needed her home and they can still feel/see her through this beautiful cottage.  Thank you so much!

Safe, quiet, comfortable, really affordable, well situated, excellent staff!

Awesome place.  You thought of everything we could need! Felt like home.

Thank you for an awesome place to stay.  I feel right at home here.

Everything you need and more.  Fabulous stay.

Awesome place.  Clean, friendly, fantastic!

This is an awesome place, the staff are the best.  Really appreciate it, thank you.

Thank you so much! I will definitely pass on the awesome job y’all are doing here.

Thank you for this wonderful facility. It’s nice to be within walking distance of the hospital. God bless.

Excellent facility. Wow! Make you feel like you’re at home.

I’m sad because I did not get to experience the whole wonderfulness because of COVID-19.  Because it (Katie’s Cottage) was here, I was with my husband when he passed.

You go out of your way to serve us.  We love this “home.”  Thank you so very much!!

The staff is wonderful. It is a very welcoming place.

The amenities and service was outstanding – better than many hotels!

Thank you for providing these facilities. It is really helpful and an excellent location and vision.

Thank you so much for the hospitality.

You can’t improve on “perfection”!  Your accommodation is so relaxing. Thank you.

My stay was amazing!!  You have a beautiful place and what you provide here is an amazing ministry!!  God bless you!!

We were pleased with the service you gave us.  We would recommend this to others who might need you.

Unbelievable and fantastic facility.  What a great offering for those who need it.

Thank you so much for everything. Staff are friendly and accommodating.  The room is very clean and comfortable.  It sure is a home away from home!

Lovely.  Thank you.

Lovely place.  When my husband has his surgery, I will definitely stay here.  Thank you.

Katie’s Cottage is a remarkable place to stay for out of towners with early morning procedures, being so close to the hospital.

Thank you for everything.  I will be sure to recommend for anyone to stay with you if they have any medical procedures at the hospital.

My friend’s appointment was early in the morning and we came from quite a ways away.  It was nice to arrive the evening before and settle a bit first and the location being this close to the hospital.


This was a new experience for me and I appreciate the availability of such a facility.

I love that this place is here!

Thank you for such a nice supper.  Again a very enjoyable stay.

The cottage exceeded our expectations!!!!

Katie’s vision has gone above and beyond what could have been expected, thanks for this labour of love.

THANK-YOU very much. It is all so nice and clean; (I almost didn’t want to touch anything) Thank you again!!

Staff are top notch!

Great hospitality makes visits to hospital so much easier.

Wow, these beds are comfortable! Thanks.

It was very heart warming knowing you were here for me in a stressful time.

Over the past 2-3 years my wife and I have stayed at Katie’s Cottage. Each stay has been excellent. Ruth and staff are very accommodating.

This cottage is exceptionally beautiful and the staff I met just wonderful.

Top notch in staff, comfort, accommodating.

Beds and blankets are so comfortable.

Breakfast was fantastic. Hot, beautiful presentation. Staff brought my breakfast to my room!! Great service.

I just cannot get over how clean this facility is. The staff has taken great pride in making sure it is clean. I cannot find any dust or dirt. Impressive!!

Wow! I can’t say enough about the fantastic staff at Katie’s Cottage! 

No negatives, May God richly reward your many acts of kindness. Do not change staff.

The bath robe was such an added comfort. You have thought of everything. 

The cottage is absolutely amazing. Thank you.

Winkler, Morden, and the RM of Stanley should be proud of what Katie was able to accomplish!

Katie’s story and cottage are proof that there is good left in this world. Thank you to Katie, her family and all who carry on her dream.

Genuinely nice, comfortable room. Staff is excellent, went above and beyond my expectations!!

Thank you so much for your many acts of kindness. 

Katie’s Cottage a diamond in the ruff.

Katie’s Cottage was a refuge for me. The lighthouse burnt brightly and was my oasis in the storm.

Affordable, clean, fantastic breakfast, quiet, exceptional staff, caring, kind are only a few things that I experienced at this wonderful place called Katie’s Cottage!!

Excellent in every way.

Lovely place! Beautiful prairie sunrise!

Beautiful place, awesome people.

Who could ask for more? You have thought of everything. Our stay was exceptional. Thank you.

Quiet oasis.

Heard the coyotes howling, geese honking. Sounds of spring could be heard at this tranquil paradise.

I can not find the words to express our gratitude. Bless Katie. Bless all, you made the world a better place.

Thank you so much for your sincere kindness & servanthood. God Bless you and your ministry richly.

Ruth, Randy & Staff our sincere thanks for your services in our time of need! God Bless you all!!

Wow, wow, wow this place is truly a haven! Thank you.

I enjoyed sitting outside on the newly constructed pergola. Lovely place to enjoy a cup of coffee.

Katie’s Cottage a small piece of heaven. Thank you!!!!

Will recommend this facility to anyone that may need your services.

Beautiful facility and conveniently located to the Boundary Trails Hospital.

Lovely walkway enjoyed the quiet time before heading into the hospital or coming back to Katie’s Cottage.

I don’t think you could do any better everything is perfect. Tops in Manitoba, extremely clean, professional staff, convenient. You have thought of everything.

Sat in the beautiful gazebo tonight, saw the deer, heard the coyotes, could hear the geese chattering. Sounds of nature was so relaxing after a trying day at Boundary Trails Hospital.

Katie’s Cottage is AMAZING!!!!

You provide a home away from home. Felt like staying with family.

Gracious, kind, caring, supportive, are just a few adjectives to describe Katie’s Cottage.

Amazing concept, caring, selfless offering for those in need while @ the hospital.

Will recommend to everyone!!

The Reimer family have taken their own pain and made something beautiful. Thank you!

We have travelled and stayed in many hotels. Our experience at Katie’s Cottage was one of the best experiences. Ruth you and your staff are top notch. Thanks for being there when we needed you most.

I walked into the cottage and felt completely welcomed, the beds are wonderful, and the breakfast was fantastic.

All I can say is WOW!!! This place is clean, from corner to corner, top to bottom.

I loved being able to use the gazebo. Beautiful place, relaxing, enjoyed a refreshing glass of lemonade!! Thanks.

Common sense approach, caring, thanks to Reimer family for your ability to create such a wonderful environment.

I can’t rave enough about Katie Cottage. Everything I needed they did for me. Truly an amazing place. I would recommend this cottage to everyone. It is way more affordable and better service then any place I have been. Thank you for all you did for us.

Had an awesome stay at Katie’s Cottage.

We enjoyed our stay at Katie’s Cottage very much. What wonderful work you do!! Thank you so much!!

Wonderful staff, excellent service!

Outstanding job! Had a very good experience.


I felt secure and relaxed at Katie’s Cottage. The tension during a stressful time was reduced. Thank-you.

Thanks so much for the wonderful breakfast(s). Such a relief to have a place to stay close to the hospital! Thanks!

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