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See it... Believe it... Achieve it...

May 2, 2022 | Written by Katie Cares

Katie’s Cottage is a home away from home for guests who need to be close to the hospital. Recently southern Manitoba experienced a Colorado low. We had several guests who needed to be close to the hospital for a variety of reasons. One of our families was due to give birth any day. The expectant parents were told to be close. They came in on Tuesday and enjoyed the evening with us. By Wednesday evening things were stable, but no baby.

During this storm we had a medical staff, housekeeping staff, as well as an OBGYN, staying at the cottage. The doctor said that “babies like to be born at night” and this little one was no different. At 1:15 am the parents headed off to the hospital and by 1:47 am the child was born! Safe and sound, healthy child, a wonderful experience to be a part of.
Congratulations to the new parents! We wish you much joy and happiness as you raise your baby!

See it…Believe it…Achieve it…

This story was shared with the permission of the parents, names will be held for privacy.

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