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See it... Believe it... Achieve it...

October 17, 2017 | Written by Katie Cares


Facebook 628 friends, with 2029 followers, each week we average 1546 likes on our page. We have a Hutterite group that follows our Facebook page! The website averages 611 hits per day which equals to 4277 hits per week.

Katie’s Cottage has hosted 5 family celebrations, since opening last year.

Longest stay 16 weeks.

Katie Cares revamped the website. Check it out at katiecares.ca.

Furthest guest Sussex England.  We have had guests from across Canada and the United States as well.

A baby girl was named after Katie’s Cottage. Katie was born September 2, 2017.

Katie’s Cottage has 50 incredible volunteers who donate their time to make the cottage a special place.

2080 volunteer hours are given in a year.

 Baking is done by our volunteers.  Baking includes, home made whole wheat bread, white bread, muffins, cookies, cakes, cinnamon buns.  Bread is baked about once a week, alternating whole wheat and white bread.

Dinner  A full dinner is served once a month to our guests

To Go Bags are given to guests who are going to the hospital.  The bag has a water bottle, crackers, granola bar. 

Katie Cares Bags given to children who are admitted into hospital.  This year we have given 425 bags.

Katie Cares has given 398 Beanie Babies to children who are visiting public health, diagnostics, imaging and emergency.

Katie Cares donates magazines for the reading pleasure at Boundary Trails Cancer Care.

Katie Cares has a cart filled with books, games, movies and a tv for patients at Boundary Trails Hospital and Altona Community Hospital.

Fashion show sold out in 2 hours!

Katie’s Cottage has been full 25 times, using all 8 bedrooms, 7 bedrooms have been full 30 times since opening the doors August 3, 2016.

Katie Cares fashion show has 192 volunteers.

578 tea cups and saucers have been collected for the fashion show.

Katie Cares is a non- profit organization, 100% of the money raised goes back into the organization providing funding for programs and Katie’s Cottage.






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