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See it... Believe it... Achieve it...

January 21, 2019 | Written by Katie Cares

The grade 10 Fine Arts students at Garden Valley Collegiate were talking about the significance of hearts, and were brainstorming about where to display their future artwork, a student mentioned Katie’s Cottage and… well… here we are! They geared their projects towards bringing happiness to our guests, and many of the students included a write-up with their art that featured both words of encouragement and personal stories. Their masterpieces will be displayed all over the Cottage, and featured every Tuesday and Thursday on our website.

This project would have been especially close to Katie because she attended GVC. She roamed the same halls that these artists now roam. She wanders them still I suppose—in the same way that we leave echoes of ourselves everywhere that we’ve been—whether it’s we who mentally drift through the halls once more or those that still do keep us in their hearts, Katie is still not quite done leaving her footprint on this world.




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