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October 11, 2018 | Written by Katie Cares

1.  How many volunteers does Katie’s Cottage have each month?

39 volunteers are a part of the Cottage team. Volunteers play an important role to the success of the cottage.


2.  How many staff work at the cottage?

We have 1 full time staff member, 3 part-time evening staff members, along with 1 housekeeper, and 2 casual staff members that pick up the odd shift.


3.  How many Katie Cares bags have been given out this year?

811 Katie Cares bags have been given out to 4 hospital from October 2017-September 2018.


4.  How many Beanie Babies have been given out?

1033 Beanie Babies have been given out October 2017-September 2018. These are given to Carman, Altona, and Boundary Trails Hospital.


5.  Is Katie Cares involved in any other programs?

Yes, we give out To-Go Bags for guests who are going back to the hospital, as well as 16 magazine subscriptions are given monthly to Boundary Trails Cancer Care.


6.  How many rooms are rented in a year?

789 rooms were rented in 2017.

601 rooms have been rented in 2018 in the months from January to September.

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