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See it... Believe it... Achieve it...

July 7, 2019 | Written by Katie Cares

Pictured: L-R Vaida and Ayven

Vaida received a gumball machine. She collected and saved, her quarters for the last 2 years. Vaida wanted to give back to the Children Hospital. She decided to purchase Beanie Babies and donate them to Katie Cares. She raised a total of $200.00 plus dollars. With the help of her mom Cassidy, they went to South Country Clothing in Crystal City to purchase the Beanie Babies.

Ruth met Cassidy, a teacher at the Evergreen Colony. Cassidy shared her daughters desire to help other children. The two sisters along with their mom donated 20 Beanie Babies on July 4th. Katie Cares will gives Beanie Babies to children who are receiving treatment, diagnostics, imaging, public health, emergency.

The Beanie Baby program has grown.  Today we give to the following places; Carman Public Health, Carman Hospital, Agassiz Medical Center Public Health program, Boundary Trails Public Health and a variety of offices, Altona Hospital, and Altona Public Health.

Thank you to Cassidy, Vaida, and Ayven for your generous donation. Thanks also to the South Country Clothing for your support in this project.


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