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See it... Believe it... Achieve it...

April 17, 2018 | Written by Katie Cares

Each and every day stories are shared with staff at Katie’s Cottage

Stories of how the cottage has helped families.

Here is a story that was shared by a guest.

A guest stayed at Katie’s Cottage while the spouse was at Boundary Trails Hospital. Each day the wife would leave the hospital in the evening, and walk back to Katie’s Cottage.  The husband in hospital could watch his wife walk back to the cottage from his hospital window.  Each night the wife would stand on the porch and wave good night to her husband.  The feeling of knowing that they were close to each other, was so important. This stay was for an extended period of time.  Katie’s Cottage has become so important to families who need to stay close.  Katie’s Cottage has become so much more than we could have ever dreamed or imagined. It has lessened stress and anxiety for loved ones who are facing a loved one in the hospital. A sincere and heartfelt thank you to everyone who has donated to Katie Cares, your donations are hard at work. Thank you for all of the encouragement, and prayers. Kaitlyn’s dream was to help families, and by building the cottage that dream has been achieved and fulfilled!! SEE IT…BELIEVE IT…ACHIEVE IT……

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