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April 17, 2018 | Written by Katie Cares

Pictured: Baking Cabinet

The cabinet was installed, and will be for all of the baking pans, cookie sheets, bowls, pots, baking glassware.  This cabinet is a welcome addition to the kitchen at Katie’s Cottage!  Previously we had to get onto a step stool, to reach these important items.  The  new cabinet, allows easy access to the baking

utensils, all at eye level.   The cabinet features 10 dividers for a variety

of pans, 2 slide out shelves, along with 2 shelves on top. Thank you to Decor Cabinets/Megan Hildebrand for, designing, building and installing this beautiful addition to the kitchen.

Katie Cares received a grant from the Elkhorn and Area Community Foundation to help pay for this cabinet. We would like to thank Elkhorn and Area Community Foundation for their generous support of this project.




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