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See it... Believe it... Achieve it...

June 7, 2018 | Written by Katie Cares

Pictured: Heirloom Quilters Group

This visit was a special visit, the group donated quilts to Katie’s Cottage.  The quilts will be donated to someone who needs a quilt.

Quilts provide warmth, but they also give someone a special feeling of being loved. The group was celebrating their year end wind up.  So they came to Katie’s Cottage for a tour, and to hear Kaitlyn’s story.  It was a pleasure to meet these wonderful ladies, and hear about their incredible quilting talent. One of the quilts will be on display at the 2018 Sunflower Festival in Altona.  Thank you to the Heir Loom Quilting group for your generous quilt donations.  SEE IT…BELIEVE IT…ACHIEVE IT…


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