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See it... Believe it... Achieve it...

September 28, 2020 | Written by Katie Cares

Have you ever wondered how Katie Cares came up with the charity slogan?

One winter Kaitlyn participated in a winter swim program to improve her technique and become a more proficient swimmer. Her coach Michelle had Kaitlyn envision her race, technique, and strength. By getting on the blocks seeing the swim, believing that she could swim a good race, and then achieve a good race. This slogan quickly became Kaitlyn’s motto in life. Michelle planted the seed and Kaitlyn took to heart the words and applied them to her everyday life.

Kaitlyn said that See it…Believe it…Achieve it… would be her slogan. This slogan quickly became important as she fought her cancer battle.

The cottage has several places that you will see the slogan, a picture of Kaitlyn’s arm has the words written. The slogan was written on her arm at a swim meet. As well when you walk into the cottage above the doors in the entrance those 6 important words are written. The meaning touches many who walk through the doors at Katie’s Cottage.

See it…Believe it…Achieve it…

Built by for Katie Cares