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February 5, 2013 | Written by Katie Cares

Katie Cares made another donation to the Boundary Trails Health Centre (BTHC) Monday afternoon.

“We gave an iPad to the cancer care clinic, we (gave) two portable DVD players for emergency so that there is something to distract them while they are waiting for procedures to be done, we gave movies, books, Wii and Wii games, a DVD player/blueray, and a full screen flat screen tv to this, with many movies and table games and board games also provided so even two people can play a game and pass hours,” said Kaitlyn’s mom Ruth Reimer.

Ruth notes the money came from t-shirts, bracelets, and other non-receipted money which has come to Katie Cares, and they wanted to give back as soon as possible. Similar to other donations made to BTHC, Kaitlyn influenced what was given this time around as well.

“The bags, we did bags to the hospital and in those bags are age appropriate items. For the three and under we did blankets and a teddy bear, and then from 3-8 years old we did toiletries, crayons, and a colouring book, of course a teddy bear, and then 9-14 was sudoku, crossword puzzles and things like that, again toiletries and a Teddy Bear. We have given out 80 bags already, its been a busy flu season for this hospital, and we are in the process of making more and continuing that project here,” said Ruth.

According to Director of Health Services Paul Enns the donation means a great deal to BTHC, and ensures a more enjoyable experience for the people staying in the hospital.

Written by Dantin Reimer

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