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See it... Believe it... Achieve it...

March 12, 2012 | Written by Katie Cares

Feel free to think of questions you can ask me for later, okay?
How many of you donated money for a sticker last year?
How many of you plan on doing it this year?
Do you guys know what the money is going towards? All the money we raise on Thursday will be used to help kids with life threatening illnesses to have their dream come true. Did you know I had a wish? My wish was to swim with dolphins with my brother, and a few months ago before Christmas I got to. It was really awesome. At one point the dolphin trainer was showing us how to tell the difference between males and females and as she was explaining, the male dolphin Tyler, I believe, started peeing! Yeah, it was pretty gross but really funny.
Anyway, onto the Dream Factory. The Dream Factory is a Manitoba organization that makes the wishes come true, as I mentioned before. I think my Mom wanted me to tell you about some of the wishes they do, so I will.
I’m sure a lot of you know who Josh Fehr was and his wish was for a play structure in his backyard. They granted his wish and he loved playing with his sister on it.
A friend of mine, Chelsey, was 12 when she made her wish, and it was to go to Disney World. She got to go and she loved it. Her favorite part was the rides and seeing characters from her favorite movies.
So, last year I raised around $6800 dollars, and I hope we can raise just as much or more. It’s a great cause so if you can, I really encourage you to bring a dollar to school on Thursday.
Somewhere here I’m supposed to mention the necklaces I’m wearing. These are my “Bravery Beads”, each bead represents something that I’ve been through during my journey. For instance, I’ve got three little football beads and they represent the three ambulance rides I’ve been on. I have a total of 210 beads right now but I need to collect a few more as I’ve had a few more scans and clinic visits since the last time I updated it.
Kaitlyn presented this speech on March 12, 2012. This in fact was her birthday. She spoke at Border Valley School, Southwood, Parkland and Plum Coulee. She captured the student’s attention. At the end of each presentation she answered questions. She enjoyed answering questions the most, she felt she connected with the students.

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