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See it... Believe it... Achieve it...

November 8, 2021 | Written by Katie Cares

Pictured: L-R Anna Friesen, Abigail Wall, Ruth Reimer, Jen Froese, Colleen Mourant


It is a pleasure and an honour to work with these strong, gifted, talented and hard-working women. Each one of these ladies brings strengths to the cottage team. Those strengths only make the cottage team stronger, vibrant and positive energy. It is a blessing to have them part of the team, providing the cottage with the care, love, and compassion to make it the strongest possible. Thanks to each staff member, you truly make Katie’s Cottage a wonderful place to visit and work.


Anna immigrated to Canada 5 years ago with her family. She came to work at Katie’s Cottage in the fall of 2016. Anna takes care of the suites and ensures that they are cleaned to perfection.
As well as working at the cottage Anna is a licensed hairdresser and a mother of 3 beautiful children. She creates beautiful cakes and is a wonderful, loving, caring mom.
It’s a pleasure to have Anna on the cottage team! Anna works during the day Monday thru Friday. Thank you, Anna for your dedication to Katie’s Cottage.


Katie’s Cottage has the pleasure of introducing Abby. She started working at Katie’s Cottage this past April 2021. Abby graduated with honours from Garden Valley Collegiate. She will greet you at Katie’s Cottage with a warm smile and take great care of you while you stay at the cottage. Abby loves to take care of people especially her family. Her hobbies include, photography, hanging out with friends, and enjoys work. Our upcoming fundraiser Abby has been instrumental in helping to make it a success, she is also the webmaster for the charity’s website.
Abby has great ideas and is gaining confidence each day. It is a pleasure to work along side Abby her attitude is contagious. Our guests are sure to enjoy visiting and getting to know her.
Abby works the evening shift 3 days a week. Along with guest services Abby takes care of the Katie Cares (Katie’s Cottage) social media.
Thanks Abby, for your dedication and choosing to work at Katie’s Cottage!!


A dream a vision to start a charity. I never dreamt that I would be working at a charity. Let alone a charity our daughter would start. But here I am 5 years later, going strong. I love working at the cottage, being able to meet so many wonderful guests. My hobbies include, baking, hosting, embroidery, spending time with my husband and son’s family, gardening. I love hosting people, being able to give back whenever possible I am a proud grandmother, being a grandmother has been so rewarding. Being kind, caring, having empathy and compassion for guests who are struggling is what the foundation of Katie Cares is all about. For me it’s important to run the charity and cottage with integrity, honesty and transparency.  I feel my life’s journey I can draw on many of my own experiences to make Katie’s Cottage a place of peace, comfort, and refuge. My aim and goal are to continue to learn, grow, strive to raise the bar and provide the best service possible to all who walk through the cottage doors.


Katie’s Cottage would like to introduce another employee which was hired this past spring. Jen is married and has 3 children. Jen and her family live in Morden. For years she ran her own daycare. Jen’s smile and enthusiastic personality brighten the cottage. Her hobbies include, baking, scrapbooking, reading a good book, spending time with family and friends, taking her dog for walks. Jen co-ordinates the baking at the cottage. Her baking is enjoyed by all guests. She works part time evenings and will take care of our guests with the utmost of care. Thanks Jen, for choosing to work at Katie’s Cottage!


Katie’s Cottage is pleased to introduce Colleen. She has been employed at the Cottage for just over a year, and prior to working full time, she was a volunteer. She is a burst of energy, a fun-loving, and all-around happy person. She works full-time 5 days a week. Colleen has worked hard to be a part of the Cottage team. Her duties include stripping beds, grocery shopping, general cleaning, vacuuming, washing dishes along with many other daily and weekly tasks.
When she’s not at work, you will find her going for a jog or involved with Special Olympics program, she enjoys Pokémon, video games, and visiting with friends. She is also a big Winnipeg Blue Bombers fan. Thanks Colleen, for all your hard work and dedication to Katie’s Cottage.

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