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See it... Believe it... Achieve it...

September 14, 2021 | Written by Katie Cares
A whimsical handcrafted chocolate brown bookshelf filled with 15 children’s books!
Bookcase handcrafted and donated by Ken Klimchuk
Ken Klimchuk’s website: Home (oldschoolwoodshop.ca)
  • Dimensions: 5’ 2” high × 16” wide × 12 ¾” deep
  • 4 shelves
  • Chocolate Brown Colour
Donated by Crocus Real Estate:
  • Love Like Katie
15 books printed and donated by Friesen’s:
  • Fox in a Box
  • Sydney & Taylor – Explore the Whole Wide World
  • The Dust Bunnies
  • My Frist Book of Planets
  • A Dog Named Beau… Wears a Box
  • Peggy’s Impossible Tale
  • Our Farm in the City
  • The Kids Book of Weather Forecasting
  • Fun with Numbers, Letters, Shapes, Colours, and Animals (Toddler Colouring Book)
  • Map IT!
  • Butterfly Wing, Butterfly Wing, I Can Be Anything
  • You Can Be a Paleontologist
  • Pizza with Everything on it!
  • I Sang You Down from the Stars
  • Oasis and the World-Famous Bannock
Actual value $450.00
Love Like Katie
  • Story: Ruth, Randy & John Reimer
  • Author: Marieyn Hart
  • Illustrator: Ruth Hiebert
A dog named Beau wears a bow
  • Author: Daniel James
  • Illustrator: Meg Clark
My first book of planets
  • Author: Bruce Betts PHD
The Dust Bunnies
  • Author: Niki Rae
Peggy’s Impossible Tale
  • Author: Slavia Miki & Roy Miki
  • Illustrator: Markio Anelo
Awasis and the World Famosu Bannock
  • Dallas Hunt & Amanda Strong
You Can Be a Paleontologist
  • Author: Scott D. Sampson PHD
Sydney & Taylor Explore the Whole Wide World
  • Author: Jaqueline Davis
  • Illustrator: Deborah Hocking
Our Farm in the City
  • Kalli Dakos & Erin Mercer
Map It!
  • Randy Mchally
I Sang You Down From the Stars
  • Author: Tasha Spillet Summer
  • Illustrator: Michaela Goade
A Pizza with Everything on it
  • Author: Kyle Scheele
  • Illustrator: Andy J. Pizza
Butterfly Wing, Butterfly Wing I can be Anything
  • Sandra Borgfjord
Fox in a Box
  • Author: Eva Klassen
  • Illustrator: Leanne Thiessen
The Kids Book of Weather Forecasting
  • Mark Breen & Kathleen
Built by for Katie Cares