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I Am My Own Person

I am my own person. I don’t want to be, nor will I be someone I’m not. I know a lot of people like to be the same by keeping up with different trends and such, but I honestly don’t see the point. Sure you might be “cool” but you’re probably missing all the simple and beautiful things in life. Of course sometimes I’ll be into popular things, but it’ll be because I genuinely like it or think it’s cool, not because someone else says so. To me, being my own person means not getting caught up in everyone else’s lives; it means being free with myself. I’m perfectly free to be open-minded and full of life, because that’s who I am, that’s who I love being. So don’t tell me to be somebody else, because nobody can tell me who to be. I’m going to be the person that I feel comfortable with, the person who isn’t afraid to be different. I’m going to embrace my Katieness.

written by Kaitlyn Reimer, 2012

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